About SureScan

Since 2004, SureScan Corporation has been in the business of developing advanced screening system technology. As a sister company to i3 Electronics, a vertically integrated provider of high performance electronic solutions, SureScan Corporation has had a strong history in designing and implementing some of the most advanced CT concepts delivered for government specifications.

In 2010, seeing highly ineffective solutions being brought to the market for main line screening systems, the company started the x1000 program which was geared on developing a cost effective next generation screening machine capable of meeting future needs. Through several years of extensive development and field testing, the first x1000s were certified by the TSA in 2015 with ECAC Standard 3 certification given shortly thereafter. In February 2017, the x1000 high speed .5m/s variant of the machine was given the first ECAC Standard 3.1 certification. This is the first machine in the world meeting this next generation requirement.

Through its history of innovation, SureScan Corporation is dedicated to developing solutions that meet the threats of tomorrow through efficient and robust advanced technology. In our vocabulary, advanced technology doesn’t mean complicated. It means smart. That’s why all of our systems are designed from the perspective of operations and long-term maintainability from the ground up. In this way we were able to create the most advanced and maintainable machine on the market.

Our core belief is to help define the evolution of our systems through the needs of our customers. It is for this reason we work closely with our Clients and Partners as we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities into new technologies and the requirements of the future. We look forward to the evolution of the market and remain strongly committed to ensuring that our Clients benefit from the best technology available to protect their most important assets.