Rugged, Reliable, High-Speed Screening Efficiency. Our machines provide your passengers with non-stop security.

SureScan Corporation is a screening machine supplier that has been formed with the sole purpose of creating the most advanced and cost effective next generation screening machines. Through our innovation, we have created a smarter way to build the best machines.

As the newest and most technologically advanced machine on the market, the x1000 from SureScan Corporation is the only TSA 7.2 Certified and ECAC 3.1 Approved MES-EDS System.

The machine is built for the expanding needs of the future with upgradeability of key systems that allow the machine to meet future threats without major replacement costs. The systems’ stationary gantry allows it to provide a real and maintained 1,800 bph with maximum system tests clocking the machine capability at beyond the 2,000 bph range. With its innovative use of proven computed tomography (CT) and implementation of multi-energy detection for atomic number analysis, the x1000 delivers low false alarm rates, and a high level of accuracy of current and emerging threat detection, including home made explosives (HME’s.) The combination of these features allows the x1000 to adapt and, in essence, future proofs the product throughout its life cycle.

The x1000 Multi-Energy
Stationary Gantry CT Explosives Detection System

SureScan Diagram Image


Machine designation/model
SureScan x1000
CT geometry
Fixed sources; no rotating gantry; minimal moving parts (conveyor belt and fans only)
Tunnel dimensions (W x H)
1000 mm x 600 or 800 mm (tunnel is blocked to the 600 height until the 800 mm height is certified)
Maximum object size (W x H x L)
990 mm x 590 mm x 1570 mm; full rectangular tunnel the length of the scanner (no neckdown)
Dimensions & weight (W x H x L)
2210 mm x 2274 mm x 4843 mm; 6022 kg (height customizable up to 2655 mm based on pedestal size)
Conveyor height
457 mm (height customizable up to 838 mm based on pedestal size)
Belt speed
0.35 m/s (contact SureScan for latest certified speeds by region)
Operating environment
Scanner: 0°C up to 40°C; 0% to 90% RH, non-condensing, air-cooled scanner, no air conditioning required
CT/Multiplexer Rack: 0°C to 40°C; 0% to 90% RH, non-condensing.
Power supply requirements
Scanner: 400/480/575 VAC +/-5%, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps (typical loads) at 480 VAC
CT/Multiplexer Rack: 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 3 drops (one 15 amps, two 10 amps - typical loads)
Power consumption
Scanner: 7.5 kW typical. 50% less power than rotating gantry.
X-ray leakage
21 CFR part 1020.40 Cabinet X-ray Systems and Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom
Validation to country specific limits performed in-house and on site
X-ray voltage
CT Performance
1800 b/h @0.50 m/s (contact SureScan for latest certified speeds by region)
Multi-energy material
Multi-energy, individual photon counting detectors; density and effective atomic number used for discrimination in 3D reconstruction
Operator Interface
Graphical interface
2D (radiograph), 3D (volumetric), and 2D (slice) images of scanned bags is available; user interface supports standard capability for image viewing
Operational & Maintenance
User/operator interface
Easy to use graphical interface on scanner utilizing touchscreen input. GUI interface on workstations. Extensive manuals and training available
Calibration intervals & cycle times
Self calibrating between bags, no impact to machine availability
Safeguarding against future regulatory requirements
Advanced technology, software upgrades can be made at the customer’s request and schedule, future algorithms are upgradeable in the field, new explosives classes like HMEs can be added, software configurable throughput (belt speed), multiple and simultaneous algorithms; modular design of hardware and software simplifies upgrades
Ability to upgrade or enhance technological capability
Use of advanced technology and a modular design allows for hardware and/or software updates in the field