SureScan First to Pass ECAC 3.1 Standard Testing

SureScan passed ECAC 3.1 standard testing on x1000’s new higher performance hardware

BINGHAMTON, NY – March 8, 2017 – SureScan Corporation announced the x1000 Explosive Detection System has passed the new ECAC 3.1 tests for speeds up to 1,800 bags/hour (.5 m/s conveyor speed). (Please refer to

“SureScan’s new ECAC 3.1 standard is evidence of the x1000’s advanced capabilities as SureScan is the first system to pass this newest higher level standard.,” said SureScan President John Percival. "The newly awarded ECAC 3.1 is on the path to a single machine that passes both TSA and ECAC testing at multiple speeds with the ability to switch algorithms on a bag by bag basis. This alleviates the problem that airports need to divert bags to different machines depending on their destination; creating extra value and minimizing infrastructure complexity."

The SureScan x1000 next-generation CT EDS features:

About SureScan Corporation

The SureScan x1000 is next generation technology built for accurate detection, at an overall lower cost of ownership. It is a TSA 7.2 Certified and ECAC EDS Standard 3.1 Approved multi-energy static gantry explosive detection system for checked baggage screening. Through the application of advanced technology, the x1000 meets current detection demands and is adaptable to meet evolving threats. With innovative use of proven computed tomography and atomic number analysis, the x1000 delivers low false alarm rates, and a high level of accuracy. The combination of these features allows the x1000 to adapt, and future proofs the product throughout its life cycle.

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